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Student Governors

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Student Governors:

The Student Governor process involves a process of recommendation or referral as well as submission of a CV and other application documentation.

From here the candidates’ applications then go through a selection process until the final candidates, 1 from each campus – in this case, 5 final candidates as Deeside and D6th are considered a single campus for the Student Governor selection processes – are chosen to go through for the final interview stage. The interview is conducted by the ‘Search Committee’ from the Board of Governors, the team responsible for interviewing and selecting the successful two Student Governors.

The successful Student Governors will be supported by Student Voice and by the Clerk to the Board of Governors. In addition to this, each Student Governor will have a Mentor from the Board of Governors to assist them with their progress during their term.

Board Meetings:

Our Student Governors attend regular Board Meetings during the academic year, some of these may be the ‘standard’ Board Meetings, others may be topic-specific. Our Student Governors have equal standing with the other Board of Governor members and are only asked to be excused from matters directly involving issues such as staff pay. In such matters, the Clerk and their Mentor will direct them accordingly.

Meetings typically rotate around each of the campuses and where the meetings take place on a campus other than where the Student Governor is studying transport will be arranged and covered to get the Student Governor to the meeting and home again.


Our Student Governors


Meilu Zheng 

Student Governor 

“Hi, I’m Meilu and I’m one of two Student Governors at Coleg Cambria. I’m currently in my second year of sixth form at Deeside 6th studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Welshbacc. I have been part of Student Voice since starting at Coleg Cambria in September 2021 as well as being Ethnic Minority officer last year and currently leading D6th’s LGBTQ+ Society. In my position as Student Governor, I offer a student perspective towards the way the college is run and make sure that the college is kept to be a welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive learning environment.


Daniel Dean

Student Governor 

I’m Daniel, I’m currently studying Health & Social Care at Level 3 after completing A-Levels in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and the Welsh Baccalaureate at the Yale site. I have been a part of Student Voice in the college since November 2021 and have held positions as the Vice-Chair of Campus Council for Yale as well as a general communications role throughout 2022.

As a student governor, I’m aiming to keep education exciting and useful to all students, encouraging academic ownership and finding incentives for students to continue in education. I’m always open to ideas from students, putting them forward to student voice, and now contributing a student’s view from both A-Levels and BTEC perspectives to the Governing Body of Coleg Cambria.