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NUS - National Union of Students


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Who are NUS?

NUS stands for National Union of Students. NUS is a voluntary membership organisation which works on making a difference to the lives and experiences of students through working with their member students’ unions to promote change through taking student-led policies through the democratic processes and all the way through to Government. NUS state that unity is our strength, which is why they bring us together as a collective of students and students’ unions to give us strength in numbers.

NUS is split into a few different areas but all working towards the same goal of driving change. NUS UK looks after the UK as a whole, NUS Wales (UCM Cymru) looks after interests specific to students studying in Wales, NUS Scotland after those studying in Scotland and NUS USI after those studying in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What does NUS do?

As well as being able to provide various training opportunities and events, NUS looks after various policy zones including Further Education (Post 16, College), Higher Education (University), Society and Citizenship, Union Development and also Welfare.

On top of the work conducted with and for the devolved nations and Ireland, NUS also have various Liberation campaigns which they look after, which were recently brought into one overall campaign. The Liberation campaigns look after the rights of and determine policy regarding:

  • Black Students
  • Disabled Students
  • LGBT+ Students
  • Trans Students
  • Women Students

But what does this mean for Coleg Cambria Student Voice?

As an affiliate Student Union of NUS, Coleg Cambria Student Voice is able to off additional benefits to our student members. Each year our membership of NUS allocates us a number of delegate places at the NUS Conferences, enabling the students taking these positions the opportunities to further represent the college on matters which mean a great deal to them as well as further opportunities to put forward policy proposals.

In addition to this, we are able to tap into further training and guidance opportunities as they arise as well as the NUS Workplace by Facebook communities and the NUS Connect system.

The bonus most students look forward to, however, is the student discounts. Although the NUS Student Discount Card has now become the TOTUM Discount Card and is an independent thing, TOTUM does still work very closely with NUS.