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TOTUM Discount for College Staff

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TOTUM Discount for College Staff

What is TOTUM

OK, so I don’t mean their confusing catchphrase from the posters and leaflets – yes, we get that you are not a pole, it isn’t even the same spelling! But, what is TOTUM?

TOTUM is the replacement for the old NUS Student Discount Card and is still the only Student Discount card approved by and backed by NUS. It still offers features to tie in proof of age ID (snazzy right?) and boasts a ‘Digital Only’ version as their FREE version of their Student Discount platform (this replaces their old LITE version).

The TOTUM Card comes in several variations and at several pricepoints depending on what you want to get out of it and depending on how long you want it for.

OK, it’s a Student Discount Card — so, how does this work for Staff?

FE and HE Staff have the extra added bonus of also being eligible for the TOTUM ‘Student’ Discount Card – not to mention that since the staff also have to undertake so many hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) each year, this also makes the staff students, right?

Staff can therefore benefit from all of the same discount offers as students can. The only slight difference is how the registration process applies as it has to be done in a very specific way.


Please note two very important things:

ONE: Use your Cambria STAFF email address and not your personal email address — our cambria.ac.uk domain has been whitelisted and should finalise your application quicker. This also means that you can use the Verify by Email option.


TWO: Enter Place of Study as Coleg Cambria even if you are currently studying a short course or another part-time course at another place of study. The reason for this is two-fold:

1) it helps maintain consistency when applying for your new staff discount card with TOTUM (and TOTUM recognise this as they set this process up);

2) our Student Voice receives kickbacks in the form of a small commission payment which is used to pay for guest-speakers and additional training sessions for our Student Reps.