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President and Vice Presidents

Your Voice, Your Union!

Our Presidents


Name – James Steven 

Pronouns – He/Him

Site – Yale 

I’m James Steven, student president for Yale, Bersham Road, and Llysfasi. Through my dedication to the role I have and the students around me, I attend meetings with the aim of improving student life in any way possible to me. This year, a focus of mine will be engaging the college with its own student community, as well as with that of its wider areas; organising and assisting to plan events internally and externally for our students.


Name – Jasmine Walker

Pronouns – She/They

Site – Deeside 6th

I’m Jasmine Walker, an A-level student and the student president of Deeside and Northop. Through my role in the student voice I am hoping to improve the quality of student life, make sure that Coleg Cambria is accommodating to all students, and improve sustainability in Coleg Cambria. I am working towards these goals by attending student rep meetings, communicating not only with my fellow student president/vice presidents but also with staff, and investigating matters raised by students in person.

Vice Presidents


Name – Eoin Cooke

Pronouns – He/Him

Site – Northop

Hi, my name is Eoin Cooke and I am the student vice president for Northop. Some of my hobbies include football and spending time with my family. As Vice President I have to attend meetings with other student reps within Northop but also got to meetings with other vice presidents across the whole of Coleg Cambria. I chose to go for this role because I am a great public speaker and I can also listen to different opinions and figure out what is best for the whole college.


Name – Reece Povah

Pronouns – He/Him

Site – Bersham Road

Hi, my name is Reece Povah, And I am the Student Vice president of Bersham road. I am studying Motor Vehicle maintenance and repair level 2. During my time at college, I have been a member of Student voice and making the student body heard. I enjoy being part of Student voice because I get a chance to assist with improving the student’s time here at Coleg Cambria. I attend all student voice meetings and voice any problems. also enjoy working with my peers on other campuses to improve the overall college sites. I can’t wait to see what the Student voice has install for this year!!


Name – Emily Jones

Pronouns – She/They

Site – Deeside

Hi! I’m Emily Jones, I am a student at Deeside completing my final year in Level 3 Childcare, and I also have the role of student representative and student Vice President. I am dedicated to my role in Student voice as I attend weekly student rep meetings where we gather concerns and views of other students and we discuss what we can do to improve the experience for students in the college, to make them feel happier and safer, and proud of the place they learn and study.